November 06, 2016

The Mistletoe Promise

This is the story of two unlucky people who both have negative views of Christmas. Elise Donner (Jaime King) is the creator, founder, and co-owner of a travel agency known as World Bright Travel Agency. He co-owner is none other than her ex-husband, Dan (Lochlyn Munro), who switched up the Christmas presents one year and accidentally gave her a gift meant for his car show model mistress, Drew (Ashley Ross). Then there is Nick Derr (Luke Macfarlane), a divorce lawyer who is up for partner at his law firm and needs a longtime girlfriend by the end of the week in order to prove that he is a serious family man like all the other partners before him.

The two meet at a food court over their mutual hate for those treacherous Christmas carolers and create a mistletoe promise guaranteed to make him partner at his firm and give her an opportunity to get rid of the burden of her ex and his girlfriend. The promise is intended to be solely business but the spirit of the holidays and the amount of time spent pretending to be in love might just be enough to actually feel something for each other.

Our Two Cents:
So this movie was delightful enough, has everything you expect from holiday movies. As long as you realize it's one of these TV movies, (and of course, this goes for all these movies because there is always something in all of these movies that warrants a groan or a "come on" remark as you watch them), it might just end up a favorite.

Storyline/Writing ★★★  •   Acting ★★★  •   Chemistry ★★  •  Overall ★★★

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