November 24, 2016

Christmas in Homestead

One of the most famous actresses in the world heads to the Christmas-obsessed town of Homestead, Iowa, to shoot a holiday-themed movie. She is thrown for a loop when a romance brews between her and local inn keeper and single dad, Matt. As she gets a taste of small-town life, she discovers the true meaning of Christmas.

Our Two Cents:
We didn't hear anything about this movie and weren't sure what to expect. Frankly the title made us a little concerned it was going to be really sappy. But within the first minute, we knew this was going to be a keeper. Mayor Matt won us over from the get go and his daughter Sophie tops the list of child characters in all these movies. Full of sass and personality.

Plus it has a great side story with his sister. So, basically, we loved it. A little Notting Hill, a lot Christmas.

Storyline/Writing ★★★★★  •   Acting ★★★★★  •   Chemistry ★★★★  •  Overall ★★★★★

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