November 26, 2016

Falling for Christmas

When champion figure skater Claire becomes injured she is sent to a rehabilitation center in the snowy mountains where she meets and falls for a local ice fisherman who shows her there is more to life than competition.

Our Two Cents:
Ok. Here's the truth. We just couldn't finish this one. We're no super feminists, but the lead girl was so flighty and helpless and the male just happened to show up when she got into these stupid and sometimes life threatening situations... Felt the writing was a bit unfair to women.

Aaaand that's just in the first 10 minutes. We didn't even get to the part where it turns into The Cutting Edge, which is the whole premise of the movie.

Plus, the thing that made The Cutting Edge great is that they hated each other and had to learn to work with each other and overcome those differences. In this movie they seem to be twitterpated from the start. Hhhhh...

It may not be as bad as this review makes it seem. Maybe we'll give it another chance.

Note: This is also known as A Snow Capped Christmas.

Storyline/Writing ★★★  •   Acting ★★  •   Chemistry ★★★★  •  Overall ★★★

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