December 08, 2013

Christmas Belle

With her California hometown in the rearview mirror, Belle heads north on business to facilitate the estate sale of a mansion. While the job is a dream, the client, Hunter Lowell, is not. But, as the two spend more time together, his icy demeanor begins to melt. Although their relationship is budding, Belle’s long-time suitor, Tony, arrives, sending mixed signals to Hunter while adding chaos to the holiday season.

Our Two Cents:
Oi. We've watched some BAD Christmas movies in our time. This one takes the cake. There are just so many things that made this movie beyond bad, but straight up AWFUL.
Let's get this out of the way: We joked in the first scene as Belle was walking through town greeting passersby (Bonjour! Bonjour! Bonjour Bonjour Bonjour!). Wait, what? This really IS a Beauty and the Beast? Yes. And that could have worked if done right, but... it wasn't done right and it surely didn't work. (Don't believe me? Ask the dishes!--Sorry. I couldn't resist.)

There's ultra poor writing and character development. Hunter's back story is not nearly strong enough to make him the Beast. And then in the blink of an eye, he just became nice. And then... he became a completely gullible pansy (but he doesn't believe anything Belle tells him, just believes the saboteur...). 

There's the acting. It was bad.

There's the cheesy filler shots, many of which were too long, and definitely repeated. (Ok. We get it. Hunter goes running through the vineyard every morning.)

There's the music. The CONSTANT dramatic (but not necessarily fitting the tone of the scene), way too loud music. When I say constant I every single second of the movie has music. It's enough to make you want to rip your hair out.

Have we convinced you yet? Stay away. Stay FAR away. Unless you are some kind of masochist... Or if you need to punish your children. You were warned.

Storyline/Writing ★★★★★  •   Acting ★★★★★  •   Chemistry ★★★★★  •  Overall ★★★★★

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