November 17, 2012

Holiday High School Reunion

Twenty-eight-year-old Georgia is convinced the man of her dreams is the one "that got away" back in high school. Though she's tried dating other men, they just never seem to compare to her high school flame. When Georgia learns of her high school reunion a week before Christmas, she's ecstatic to finally have her chance to win Craig back. But as she gets to relive high school for a night, she begins to realize it might not be Craig at all who got away, but Ben, an old friend with whom she'd fallen out of touch.

Our Two Cents:
This was not good. Georgia was just kind of obnoxious and clueless. NO ONE seems to have grown up at all in the 10 years since high school. They are all single. They are all silly and immature—even Georgia, which is what makes it hardest to like her.

The script just didn’t make a lot of sense. She is supposed to be hung up on her old flame, and while there are plenty (too many) scenes where stares dreamily across the room at him while he doofs around and looks confused, she doesn’t actually do much talking to him. He doesn't even remember her at first. Meanwhile, she repeatedly sneaks away to goof off with her old best friend. In fact, it sounds like that's how it was in high school toostare dreamily at Craig, hang out with Ben. She just doesn't try very hard to get him back. Mostly she just spends the evening embarrassing herself. Like we said, the script just doesn't make any sense.

But you never know. It may end up being one of your guilty pleasures, so maybe try it out! We have plenty that we watch that we fully realize are awful.

Note: You may find this under the title Christmas Crush on Amazon and Netflix.

Storyline/Writing ★★★★  •   Acting ★★★★★  •   Chemistry ★★★★★  •  Overall ★★★★

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