December 06, 2004

Eve's Christmas

It's Christmas Eve, 2004. Eve Simon is a wealthy and successful advertising executive with Bernstein & Barlow on Madison Avenue, but her personal life is less than satisfying. Her separated but still married boss and lover, Neil Barlow, is the only other significant person in her personal life and he's backed out on their Christmas plans to be with his family. She has not been home to Eastborough, Oregon since she left eight years ago, and rarely speaks to her loving and supportive family there.
After overindulging on cocktails, she makes her way to her apartment and she bumps into a homeless man known as Brother James. As usual, he is ranting and raving. This time he's going on about the lost holiday spirit. But as she passes, he suddenly pauses to look the tipsy Eve in the eye. He whispers to her, "wish upon the Christmas Star."
She dismisses him, but back at her apartment she follows his advice, making her wish just before she goes to sleep. The next morning, Eve awakens transported back in time to December 19, 1996 in Eastborough, still living at home and preparing for her wedding to Scott, but with all the knowledge of her present life. Brother James, who turns out to be her guardian angel, warns her to make good use of this time because it will not last, and on Christmas Day, she will return to her life in 2004.
As she spends time with Scott and her family, she begins to reconsider the pivotal decision back in 1996. But is it too late to change her stars?

Our Two Cents:
We watch this every year. And every year AFTER watching it, we remember how bad it is. Yet the next year we watch it again. It's bad. There are so many ridiculous things about it. An outdoor winter wedding in Oregon while wearing a strapless dress? She basically creates a website like Amazon and Ebay combined, overnight, on her own, with no real web development skills using 1996 technology? Don't get me started on the bizarre French wedding planner who a week before the wedding is still pitching (horrifying) ideas. It's just bad. Hmm. It looks like it's coming on again on Christmas Eve. Don't want to miss it. Better set the TiVo.

Storyline/Writing ★★★★★  •   Acting ★★★★  •   Chemistry ★★★★★  •  Overall ★★★★★

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